60+ awards won since 1995

32 Loerie Awards including 3 Grand Prix

15 SPADA Awards

11 London Awards

2 Communication Arts Awards


Rotolabel Wine Label Design Awards

5 Gold Wine Label Design Awards

6 Silver Wine Label Design Awards

3 Bronze Wine Label Design Awards

Most awarded agency for label design 2014


Loerie Awards (32)

3 Grand Prix: Graphic Design [Corporate Identity],

Campaign Design [Corporate Identity] and

Packaging [Alcoholic Beverages] 15 Golds:

Annual Reports, Graphic Design [Brochures, Logos,

Corporate Identity], Campaign Design [Corporate

Identity] and Packaging [Alcoholic Beverages]

13 Silvers: Annual Report, Graphic

Design, Campaign Design and Packaging

1 Bronze for Three Dimensional & Environmental design (Saboteur)


New York Festivals

Grand Prix: Graphic Design [Annual Reports]


London Awards

Finalists: Packaging, Graphic Campaign, Direct

Response, Corporate Literature [this includes

Annual Reports] and Corporate Identity


First Paper House

Grand Prix: Graphic Design [Annual Reports]


Communication Arts

Entry into the 1997 Design Annual 


Money Marketing

Finalists: Financial Services Awards – 

Graphic Design for Annual Reports 


Beckett International

Excellence in Stationery Design

SPADA (15)

2 Golds: Packaging and Graphic Design

[Annual Reports]

2 Bronzes: Corporate Literature

11 Finalists: Graphic Campaign, Packaging, 

Direct Response and Corporate Literature 


Curtis Fine Paper

International Grand Prix: Best Stationery Design



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